I am a Yoga teacher, Massage Bodywork therapist and Doula. Yoga helped me recuperate from a traumatic accident and I want to share the emotional and physical healing powers of yoga with others. I received my teacher training from Yoga Arts (Australia) in 2005. I find inspiration in the teachings of BKS Iyengar and am a disciple of senior teacher Peter Thomson. I am certified in Thai Massage by the Thai Massage School of ChiangMai and have studied under Oestheopaths Arnaud L'Hermitte & David Lutt and Itzhak Helman of the Sunshine Network. I also have a keen interest in sports and have trained in Ironman and sports massage with the renown Dr Myk Hungerford (mother of sports massage).

I am wife to a wonderful and supportive husband and mother to 5 beautiful children. I  have had 4 successful  VBAC births and believe that all women should be given the opportunity to experience the intense joy and transformational power of Birth and Motherhood. I received my doula training from the Australian Doulas network. My first yoga teaching position was as a volunteer teacher to teenage pregnant mums at the ALIFE center in Singapore. I admire the enormous strength that  single mothers have and would like to accompany them  in their journey into motherhood.

Elaine Tay Riviere
Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher  -    Australian Doula   -    Certified Thai Yoga Massage & Sports Massage Therapist